VuEssence Inc. joins USF’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator

TBTI company developing diagnostic products to aid in the assessment of stroke

December 15, 2016

TAMPA, Fla. – VuEssence Inc., an Odessa-based company founded in 2010, has joined the University of South Florida’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI). VuEssence is focused on creating innovative solutions for aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to stroke and other neurological injuries.

Although progress has been made in recognizing the early signs of stroke and managing conditions that increase risk for the disease, stroke remains as a leading cause of death and disability in the US and worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates 6.7 million deaths in 2012 due to stroke.

VuEssence is utilizing advanced molecular analysis technologies to develop specialized diagnostic devices that will be able to help in the detection and management of stroke and related conditions.

“We are focused on identifying underlying gene expression profiles that will give clinicians a deeper understanding of the condition of a patient with suspected stroke,” said Maha Sallam, president of VuEssence Inc. “I’ve always gravitated to areas that have a big impact and can help a large number of people, and stroke requires fast diagnosis and careful monitoring for effective treatment.”

TBTI supports technology research as a catalyst for economic development and facilitates the growth and development of life science and other high tech companies. “By providing entrepreneurial support programs, services and physical infrastructure to startup and advancing technology companies, our goal is to increase the capacity for companies to be successful,” said Valerie Landrio McDevitt, associate vice president for technology transfer and business partnerships.

TBTI also increases the capability of entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow companies by providing SBIR/STTR workshops with nationally recognized trainers, pitch competitions, and meetings with angel investors and venture capitalists.

Sallam, a serial entrepreneur, is a USF graduate with a doctorate in computer engineering. Her first company, Intelligent Systems Software, had a successful exit with an acquisition by publicly traded company, Howtek Inc., and their merger formed new company iCAD. Sallam is now focusing on her second startup, VuEssence.

“Our company is looking forward to the many opportunities that TBTI provides that will help accelerate our small business to expand and grow,” said Sallam. “The Incubator is the ideal setting for conducting our research, and we look forward to interacting with the other tenants in the program.”

About VuEssence Inc.

VuEssence Inc. is a private medical device company based in Odessa, Florida, within the greater Tampa Bay area. The company is focused on developing specialized diagnostic devices that will be able to help in the detection and management of stroke.

About the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator

The University of South Florida’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) is one vehicle through which USF CONNECT grows successful companies. TBTI supports technology research as a catalyst for economic development and advocates the creation and development of facilities for high-technology companies and related support functions. USF CONNECT focuses on the needs of Tampa Bay’s technology and bio/life sciences entrepreneurs throughout the business life cycle, providing the facilities, partners and resources for successful business development. USF CONNECT offers access to technologies, workforce programs, technology commercialization, critical research equipment, and incubator facilities, adding value and delivering targeted, high level expertise to its member businesses.


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